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Case Studies

AT&T Achiever's Club


While AT&T's head planner was getting ready to deliver her baby, logo_text delivered her meeting.

The Meeting: High level incentive meeting for 2,300 of AT&T's top achievers.

The Situation: Head meeting planner going on maternity leave. Needed someone she could trust to deliver the professionalism and expertise this very important group of meeting attendees deserved.

The Challenge: Pickup meeting planning mid-term.

The Plan: We immediately went to work behind the scenes to ensure a smooth transition of meeting management and made sure every detail planned was flawlessly executed.

The meeting was a fast-paced mix of off-site events. Moving the attendees from one event to the next was a key component of the onsite management. As was making sure every special request from this group of top performers was met.

Working closely with AT&T’s production company, we delivered an incentive meeting that exceeded the attendees’ expectations.

Delsys Pharmaceutical/Recognition Weekend

The Situation: Delsys Pharmaceutical Corporation is a cutting edge medical company. Success will make the company a household name. The R&D department was working hard. But the incredibly long hours were taking their toll not just on the R&D team, but on their families as well.

The Challenge: By way of a thank-you weekend, recuperate, recharge and reinvigorate the R&D team and their families.

The Plan: With incredible possibilities on the horizon, we created the theme, “The Sky’s the Limit”—held at the award-winning Skytop Lodge. We created a weekend that combined the perfect blend of family fun, free time and group activities. Special presentations, a celebratory dinner party, children’s activities and planned recreational activities like a nature walk, mountain bike ride, a fishing trip, an afternoon of golf and even a day at the spa. The entire weekend agenda created an environment that made the guests feel appreciated and pampered.

Was the weekend a success? According to Delsys’ CEO, Martyn Greenacre, “Without question, the Activit!es staff were universally excellent and commited to ensuring a successful event." We guess that’s a yes!

Lucent's Pride


Lucent Technologies needed to develop a “pack mentality” to survive the communications jungle. They called logo_text.

The Situation: The newly formed Lucent Technologies was in the midst of a highly competitive market with fierce competition chasing their largest customer—AT&T.

The Challenge: Lucent needed to focus its teams to respond faster to customer needs and capitalize on new opportunities. Lucent’s key executives shared comments like, “It’s a jungle out there!” “We have to be the best to survive,” “We need that fire in our belly once again,” and “We must be fast. We must nurture. And we must grow.”

The Plan: In the hands of our exceptional creative team, Lucent’s Pride was born. A jungle theme came alive with a strong, confident lion leading the way. We reinforced the message at every level of the meeting—from collateral materials to multimedia productions. Lucent’s Pride set the stage to motivate, recognize, educate, and boost morale to an all-time high.

In the end, Lucent’s Pride was more than a successful annual meeting. It was the evolution of a new sense of leadership and pride for the entire Lucent family.